Welcome to Café de Flore

You follow the maître d’ to the back of the café, where, with a flourish two tiny tables are moved aside so you can tuck yourself in. The tables are quickly pushed back in front of you and here is your elegant waiter. He has a kind smile and nods as you slowly order hot chocolate in your practiced French. He’s heard it all before but that’s okay.

Then the presentation and the richness of the chocolate and yes it’s that good and now you’re smiling.

Your waiter winks as he hurries by and catches you taking a picture. And there’s an American actor sitting a couple of table’s down, beneath a window. And then you enter the flow of the place and notice the art deco and the lighting, and you catch your reflection in a mirror and she’s a tourist but that’s okay.

There’s a wooden staircase to explore and you climb it, just because, and on the way up you pause at the pictures. The famous faces and the dining and the drinking and the history. You turn and you are still for a moment as you inhale deeply and take it all in. Welcome to Café de Flore.

Cafe de Flore, Paris


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